Learn about Vinyl


Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Luxury Vinyl Tiles are hardwearing high quality flooring products that come in a vast array of shapes, sizes and designs . They have a multi-layered construction that is designed to increase the durability and appearance of each tile. These tiles are perfect for design flooring and they can be laid in various different ways with either patterns or borders or strips included to suit each individual. Market leaders such as Karndean have several different design books which come in a variety of different effect finishes such as wood,stone,marble and many more. The choice of effect and various different ways that these tile can be laid gives a huge choice to the customer and almost any design can be catered for. Prior to installation of these products sub floor preparation is required at all times on both wood and concrete floors. This is for both atheistic and adhesion purposes.

Cushion Floor Vinyl
Cushion Floor vinyl is a sheet vinyl that comes in a variety of different designs, thicknesses and widths 2,3 or 4 meters wide. Material used to construct the cushion floor layer of the vinyl varies slightly between different manufactures. This product is recommended for light traffic areas in domestic properties only such as kitchens or bathrooms as this is a water resistant product. The cushion floor layer of the vinyl does have an effect on the durability of this product. They can be marked, dented or burnt fairly easily due to the cushion floor layer. As this is a sheet vinyl if this happens the floor is ruined so care must be taken at all times to help increase the life expectancy of the floor and avoid costly replacements of the whole floor.

Commercial Vinyl
Commercial vinyl is a hard wearing highly durable sheet vinyl that comes in 2 meter widths. It comes in a large variety of different designs both for visual and performance purposes. Markets leaders such as Altro and Polyfloor have created slip resistant vinyls that are suitable for high traffic areas in commercial premises. These vinyls have been designed to be heat resistant so that the vinyl can be welded together using weld rod which comes in a variety of colours to match the vinyl floor. This nessary for larger areas as the vinyl only comes in two meter widths. This vinyl can either be laid flat or it can be used for cap and cove flooring such as wet room areas or in doctors surgerys where certain requirements of health and safety and hygene must be met. This vinyl is highly versatile and can be used anywhere in commercial premesis. Sub floor preparation is required at all times with this product on both wood and concrete floors for athestic and adhesion purposes.